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How many of you have actually read the book Mein Kampf? You know when you read it you see that Adolf Whitler hated Marxism but was a socialist and hated the bourgeois and capitalism. He is like an anti-Orwell. He only trusts his brand of socialism. He was kind of like the chief social justice warrior of his day.


Clearly Adolf Hitler was no trained author. But trained authors are generally pieces of uses junk-peddling idiots, and are ten-a-penny, so there's nothing to be gained there. I've made it through Mein Kampf in German audio Book, but it was not a page turner. More just like the ramblings of someone pissed to be in jail.

It is like expecting Dostoevsky to be am excellent chef.

He was definitely pissed off. I don't want to over simplify this but it seems his hatred was secretly from his failure as an artist. He mentions the college that denied him and then mentioned how the Jews have a monopoly on art and the media. He brought up the idea of the 1%. His hatred of Marxists seemed to be because they were Jewish. His entire life he wanted to be different than his father and failed at that. He points out some anecdotes but doesn't have any logical arguments.


I thought it was a pretty good book. When Adolf Whistler fought in his third battle of the Somme, and then Germany threw in the towel, that is where he really goes absolutely fucking crazy.

Quite frankly this doesn't show anything more than how far we have fallen as a collective. There are only people who make decisions and typecast themselves into an accepting group as inclusion provides the social netting for weak minded individuals to feel secure without actually using their brains. That is what you follow on the news, and that is politics, and that is the definition of the bourgeoisie.

Yes - I only said that in case you came to this page looking for a defintion.