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I Shot This About 1980
Boyndlie earth view.JPG

Boyndlie is an estate area in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near the A981, connecting with New Deer 7.2 miles (12 km) to the southwest and Fraserburgh 5 miles (13 km) to the north-northeast, and the B9093, connecting it to New Pitsligo about 7 miles due west.

The nearby village of Strichen got its name from Lord Strichen. That village is near to Boyndlie and is situated on the River Ugie at the foothills of Mormond Hill. The Strichen White Horse is constructed of quartz on Mormond Hill, some 1500 m Northeast of Strichen.

Personal Information

Writer Peter Burnett maintains a strange and neo-mytholgicial amount of information, story and language concerning the lands of Boyndlie.