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No Love Deep Web (stylized as NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B or simply NO LOVE DEEP WEB[1]) is the second studio album by American group Death Grips.

It was self-released by the band, online as a free download on October 1, 2012. Recorded from May to August 2012, the album exhibited what the band described as a darker and more minimal style. The album was leaked by the band due to complications over its release date with their label, Epic, who subsequently dropped them.[2] The record was later made available for purchase via the band's own Third Worlds imprint and When Will There Be A Harvest Records.

The album's release was met with strong attention from online media groups, largely due to its sexually explicit album cover, which features a picture of group member Zach Hill's erect penis, with the album title written across it.

The release received generally favorable reviews from critics, who praised its complexity and stripped down sound.

In an interview with Exclaim! the group said that: "No Love [is a] sort of a culmination of our two previous releases. We think it'll end up being the heaviest thing we've made so far on many levels. It's striking us as the closest we've gotten to what our initial vision of what Death Grips would sound like. We have the feeling and it's pretty absolute that this album will contain our most future-forward and potent material...It's emotionally raw and direct; the sound is indescribable, it's very beat oriented. It has some of the guitar-driven elements that we touched on with Exmilitary but they aren't exactly being generated by a guitar."

In August 2012 the band told Pitchfork: "there are no manually programmed drums on this album, the beats are being played live on a Roland electronic v-drum set or acoustic drum set by Zach. There are no features, guest collabs or outside producers. The material is cold, bass heavy, minimal, rock & roll influenced and could simultaneously fit into a rave or dance club context. It is essentially rap and electronic music while at times extremely aggressive."

1. "Come Up and Get Me" 4:13
2. "Lil Boy" 3:46
3. "No Love" 5:04
4. "Black Dice" 3:27
5. "World of Dogs" 2:42
6. "Lock Your Doors" 3:52
(track featuring samples "Apple Snake" by Need New Body and "Loc 2 Da Brain" by Brotha Lynch Hung)
7. "Whammy" 3:09
8. "Hunger Games" 2:39
9. "Deep Web" 2:18
10. "Stockton" 3:17
11. "Pop" 2:53
12. "Bass Rattle Stars out the Sky" 2:27
13. "Artificial Death in the West" "Being Sucked in Again" by Wire 5:58

Total length of this disc album selection: 46:42

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