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Peter Burnett

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This is the Category page concerning Scottish author Peter Burnett, and if you are looking for the article on Peter Burnett, click on this Peter Burnett.


It has often been said, and largely in jest, that since Scottish author Peter Burnett did not have his own Wikipedia entry, and that no person considered him significant enough to merit one, that he decided to create his own wiki, simply to assuage these feelings of emptiness which resulted from his virtual and assumed non-existence, re his not having such a page.


Whether this is true or not (it's true) Burnett not only created, and learned Mediawiki Markup, parsing and template creation, as well as the database language mySQL, in order that he could have his own wiki where he could publish his own truths concerning himself, and other topics of interest.

Net Validity

It has been pointed out that this form of validation - known as Net Validity - a good pun if ever there was one - is a symptom of failure rather than a cause of it, and although most writers and artists enjoy a certain amount of review, criticism and discussion online, it is still possible for some to not only avoid this, but it is occasioanlly the case that someone is ignored altogether.

Likewise, it is likewise possible to concentrate online discussion upon oneself and the medium of the wiki is excellent for this.


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