Culture Shock

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  • It's: Culture Shock
  • By: Death Grips
  • From: Exmilitary
  • At: 4:21

Shiva Slashin Through Your Flat Screen

What goes around comes around, and right about now, that means music coming and going around. Culture Shock, a piece of music sandwiched between space and water, is the latest example.

It was Death Grip’s first appearance in a song with the word 'shock' in the title, and fans will cheer them on and to celebrate memories from their own lives.

This is an exuberant song, made up mostly of sounds with some curious music from other generations there for good measure. Before the song even started, waves of hoots and high-pitched sobs rose from me.

Atlantis Ancient Vagina Getting Dusty on the Shelf

Death Grips had little trouble accomplishing their mission, as they led their sound through a hot two-hour audioswim that was filled with many nostalgic gems from the future. Of course, it was no shocker that Death Grips and the band’s other best band Swans, smash connected with the crowd. What was surprising, however, was how well Culture Shock sounded after I had been sick on it

Culture Shock (Fuck Yourself)

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself

Useless information occupies every open space inside your skull
You know whats going on every day every night
Everywhere swear you're so international

Upside down cross on the Jumbotron
Wait up, hold on
Blowing anthrax off my palms
Say what, you're wrong

Switch stance, face plant
Napalm fire starters
Flatlander, plug puller
Nose dive turbulence chartered

You speak in abbreviations because real life conversation moves too slow
You're the media's creation, yeah your free will has been taken and you don't know
Choke yourself, fuck yourself

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself

Never seen without one hundred
She's a satanic priestess
Anarchy on ice freak flag flying faceless elitist
Crow on the down low end
Reppin' Orion's belt
Atlantis ancient vagina
Getting dusty on the shelf
Enter the pigs don't get it
No hands I'm shattering jaws
Double nickles on the dime
Fuck glam can lick my balls

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself

Whatchya gonna be when you're grown young blood?
Gonna be a mindless drone
Won't ever have to think
No your head'll be linked directly to your cell phone
The virus is alive, I can see it in your eyes
The infection is full blown

Career killer, double decker packed with suicidal brides
Four armed fury in a filthy dream about splitting your bitches thighs
Enters through unknowing eyes
Touch the key its in your mind
Can't delete it and soon you'll find
How bad you need it all the time

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself

Shiva slashin through your flat screen
Is nowhere for you to hide
Strangled by anaconda thumbs to the soundtrack of world genocide
My thoughts tie knots in silver spoons
Vampire on the rise
Punk a chump wit a cunt for brains platoon
In the zone and on the grind

Dead matter disposer from the mountains without peaks
Catch and release
Time released horse capsule swallowed to wake the savage beast

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself

Gotta get them outta here now
Infected act so weird how'd you get it
You're pathetic
Quarantine the virus

Culture shock, future shock
Fuck yourself, choke yourself


  • "Culture Shock" by Death Grips sampled David Bowie's "The Supermen (Alternative)"