Fuck That

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Aight so no one's gonna comment on how tribal those fucking drums are. This whole song feels like a ritual with Ride spewing his trashy incantations of violence and apathy. I love it

Some people think the reason why some people dislike this song and consider it the "worst" song off of the album is because it sounds completely different from the other songs and it has its own kind of flow to it, along with doing that it breaks up the pace of the album.

From The Hit Album

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The money store.jpg


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Every death grips song.JPG

Third rail
Over one nine breaker
Slit throat, cut creator
Hung from dem nail
Hang em high
Savior faire
Trans-siberian epic
Trek through dat next switch
Set it off the roglyphic
Jackal headed dawn of the under
Check it, check one check
You can suck it
Till I get disgusted

Fuck that, naw fuck that
At me wit that weak shit
Bitch slapped
Across the street and back
Head crack
Wanna know where I'll be at


Get off mine I got that juice
Noo style cut your brain stem as my combat boots
Grind your head to the cadence of this dreath
Stompin mu sick as fuck contagion wagin war with all you knew


Mossberg ballistic flux massive
My shure beta 58a hazmatted
Pump pump slugster radioactive
Ride through a mine field
Laced wit black magic
Straight from the mayday
Naw fuck that (ONE)
Broke off its axis, polar shifted granite
Knock made ta off
Every last bitch on this planet
Fuck that, naw, fuck that

Came ta bad dem brains til dem neck bones crack
Arrested cardiac
Black mass murder rap
Dealer push your wig
All the way back
Head wear your face like a yamaku lapse
Never can tell
Where you're at
Eyes stuck on the sky
Always gettin jacked
Tryin ta lookin the mirror like
Fuck that, naw

Fuck that

Songwriters: Zachary Hill / Stefan Burnett / Andrew Morin
Fuck That lyrics © Warp Music Limited

My Thoughts

I want to thank each and every human being I have come in contact with. Whether in person, or through book, music, written word. Whether love or hate, whether positive or negative, for now I know, you were not an accident on my path, but a necessary element, for I am you, and you are I. And I have grown because of it. The creative intelligence of the universe. And I pray for those still caught in Samara's web. To realize that you're in the perfect place.