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The Hashed Upload Directory System works so far no problems have been reported. But this has been reported, and must be checked for authenticity: “I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly, deadly by all means but humane, not cruel." George Bernard Shaw. The Listener Feb 7th 1934.


The Upload Directory for Wiki Normal and Wiki Normal International Team is set to be hashed. This decision was taken after lengthy consideration and compatability problems which became apparent in installing UploadWizard templates.

When set to true true</>, uploaded files will now be distributed into sub-directories of UploadDirectory based on the first two characters of the md5 hash of the filename.

(e.g. /images/a/ab/Soylent_green.jpg</>)

Subdirectory Creation

Creation of such subdirectories is handled automatically.

This is used to avoid having too many files in one folder because some filesystems don't perform well with large numbers of files in one folder.

The algorithm for that is based on a md5 of the name, the first hex character is used for the first directory, then the first two characters are used for the subdirectory.


md5 of filename = f865cbca12286c1c5b7616b4a70fbf68 → f + f8 = /images/f/f8/Soylent_green.png

If False

If false, all images are uploaded in UploadDirectory> itself.

(e.g. /images/Soylent_green.jpg</>)


I am Perdurabo (talk) and the upload directory for this wiki is hashed and will always remain so. Start a discussion about why a single folder might be better on any talk page.