How To Email an Ebook to Your Kindle

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How To Email A Free Download From This Site to Your Kindle

I’ve heard that there can be a fee for emailing an Ebook to your Kindle, for which I apologise. I heard that it’s 15 cents for 1 MB of data, so the book may not be totally free, as I promised. I’ve not experienced charges in the UK, but one publisher has told me that for non-US customers, the fee is 99 cents for 1 MB of data. Well, the Ebooks free on this site are anywhere between 300 and 700KB, so maybe you won’t have to pay anything. I hope not. So far we've not heard of anyone paying anything to email one of these Ebooks.

   * Download the relevant file to your computer, after accepting the license terms.
   * Log in to your Amazon Kindle account at Amazon Kindle Manager.
   * Go to Your Kindle approved email list. It’s in Your Kindle Account, and then under Personal Document Settings
   * Add your own email address
   * Open your email and send the file to your Amazon Kindle address, which will be something like
   * When you open your Kindle and carry out the next sync, the downloaded Ebook should appear in your Kindle DOCS folder.

For Direct Transfer:

You can transfer your free Ebook to your device as follows:

   * Download the Kindle file as required. If you download a zip file, extract it to relevant folder.
   * Connect the Kindle reader to your computer using a mini USB cable. These cables are supplied with most Kindle devices.
   * Once connected, the Kindle device will appear as a new drive attached to your computer.
   * Copy the Ebook file into the Documents directory on the Kindle. On the Kindle Fire, drag and drop into the “Books” folder.
   * Safely disconnect the USB cable. The new Ebook should appear in the Kindle's directory.

Any problems with this may be resolved with a visit to Amazon Kindle Support. All files here on this site are kept up to date and functioning correctly, but we can't offer any suupport with them, or help with downloading them, sorry.