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The crack game is nothing but a straight hustle if you've ever been there. Crack rocks are commonly called "bones", and any one who has ever slang rocks knows to keep them in your mouth so you can swallow them if the cops run up.

When I was fucking off and smoking a bunch of crack/meth back in the day some 20 years ago (in Sacramento no less), when you start coming up and making money off your wares and still have enough to smoke for yourself it was called "bubblin" for two reasons: 1. youre leveling up, or "bubblin up" your cash flow. 2. The best way to smoke rock is out of a bubbler pipe preferably with some cold water in my case.

"What you know bout bubblin? Hustle bones comin out my mouth..."

So the song starts with him getting released. He sees what's up on the block, and let's everyone know "fuck what you heard, I'm out and about to take over again". He starts killing his drug rivals, chalk lines everywhere tracing bodies. It goes on and on, until he's running shit again and has people working for him. When you got people selling dope for you, you want them to run the money they have made back to you and fucking quickly (the soind of thr gears whirring at the beginning of the song)so it doesn't get jacked. "Run it back. Run it."

So yea, its about selling crack and taking back your block.

Lyrics Hustle Bones

Give a fuck what Explainchya heard
Yeah fuck whatchya heard
Fore this real shit kicked your whole click to the curb
What, what
But you dont hear me though

Run up bitch ta da death get gripped my steeze is ballin' out
Of control whatch you know
'Bout bubblin'
Hustle bones comin' out my mouth

That hot lic a shot
Never not strapped
Wit a Glock tongue cocked
Run it back
That knock a cop off unconscious molotov
Cocktailin' sound bomb a snitch
Flat line of chalk drawn round the clock too many marks dropped ta count the stiffs

Stuck on the fence
How does it feel
It don't make sense
Nothing is

That rip you a new one trick I'm the true one,
And only never know me never will no son.. leave ya laid out ta fade out
Show a cunt the door
Hit and run

Hustle bones comin' out my mouth
That can't wait ta blast
Blood stained knuckle brass gives a fuck sick wit it flav on
That ex con
Hard to da bone
Darkness from the zone
Mastered and pushed far beyond

Eons beyond the line never crossed, by dem punks livin' soft while I ride that bomb
Dr. Strangelove
Into the sun
Look no hands megatons
Rode like man we can't lose
No shit, no shit

That hit it till it drip wit
Da blood of the raw way
It was fore dem forgot
Why doin dirt, make slang sound tough gong original
Fuck da wrong way
Only one real way to work
That shit out da
Beat street spit
Über freaked heat lit
Hell flame to your brain
Blood thirst
What what
Run it back, run it

Run up bitch ta da death
Get gripped
My steeze is ballin' out
Of control whatch you know
'Bout bubblin'
Hustle bones comin' out my mouth

Criminal intent anti-legal ill
Thief in da night peel your life back spin the wheel
Run it back, run it

Songwriters: Zachary Hill / Stefan Burnett / Andrew Morin Hustle Bones lyrics © Warp Music Limited

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