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Cakes n Books n Cakes n Books n Books n Cakes

Writers are encouraged to do as much of their own marketing as they can these days, which suits most of them and is second nature for just about everyone who is involved, but has been most difficult for me, writes author Peter Burnett.

In fact, Peter goes on, I think most of them are better at marketing than they are at writing, and many merely consider the fact that they have typed the word 'WRITER' into their Twitter bio, to be enough.

I once wrote to the celebrious and redoubted critic D.B. Layne, asking him (it was possibly more akin to begging) to review my forthcoming book.

Here is the reply I receieved:

"Dear Peter, I'll be glad to read your book before it becomes available to the thronging coffee-swillers of Waterstones and other modern bookstores; before they can besmear it with clotted cream or chocolate cake or whatever else it is they bribe would-be-readers with these days.

As such, it might save all of us a lot of back-ache if you just smear it yourself … "

D.B. Layne