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This website aims to match a 17mm binocularly-rendered perspective which allows the viewer to accept it as normal.

On the Internet, a normal website is a website that reproduces a field of view that appears "natural" to a human observer.

A normal website is one that renders a set of information that when viewed at normal viewing distance (usually half-arms-length) in front of the human eye, across its wider-than-180° horizontal field-of-view, acts acceptably like a good friend.

As the eye has an effective focal length of approximately 17mm, human binocular vision with its variable sensitivity and resolution, will accept these websites with more willing.

ABOUT PETER: Gifted, talented and exceptional - nothing about himself, the author of the blog never written because it can not lie. He writes for joy, because it is deemed to have been offered money and publishes as often as just a working father of one dog mutt can afford. More to be found on Peter's Wiki Page

How To Do Privacy in the 21st Century
How to do privacy burnett.JPG

How To Do Privacy in the 21st Century by Peter Burnett.

The War on Privacy is lost, and states and corporations now collect more of our data than even they know what to do with. No one person or group can understand the implications of this, but we do know there is no going back. In How To Do Privacy in the 21st Century, Peter Burnett charts how we came to surrender everything from our faceprints to our location data. The question now is what next, and how can we reclaim our lost freedoms?

On our side, a new kind of activist is challenging these surveillance and data collection practises, while working to protect free expression. Others defy copyright law while promoting open source platforms which see freedoms enhanced by technology. In doing so, these 'hacktivists' have been pursued by governments as outlaws, and where they have revealed the mechanisms of state secrecy, they have paid the price with their own freedom.

How To Do Privacy in the 21st Century describes some of the key players in this realm, looking at surveillance (Edward Snowden), freedom of information (Wikileaks), copyright issues (Kim Dotcom and The Pirate Bay) and journalism (Barrett Brown), among other topics. This book also places you in the picture, and summarises much of what you may already fear regarding the struggle for the control of your own personal information.

The heroes of this book are the champions of the open Internet, an increasing group of individuals reclaiming digital privacy, advancing government transparency and ensuring that civil liberties will be preserved on the Internet of the future.

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (


Meantime find out more here

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Normal in Our Society Means Male
Women are written out of the story writes Laura Bates on the Guardian Women's Blog.
Least Normal Moments at Minecoin 2016
This isn't an "cringe" compilation, more of a nutshell. But it captures Minecoin 2016 There's still a few highlights but nothing like previous Minecons.
Normal Body Temperature
Normal Body Temperature = 37 degrees Celsius
Leaked Soros Memo?
Refugee Crisis 'New Normal,' Gives 'New Opportunities' For Global Influence. By Peter Hassan at The Daily Caller
For the advanced viewer, there is the Rappers Doing Normal Sh*t on Tumblr.
NORML's mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults NORML - C'est normal qu'elle le fasse.


ResearchVR Podcast is hosted by three cognitive scientists discussing Category:Virtual Reality and Cognitive Research, Industry News, and Design Implications! They actively research different aspects of the field, and are involved in various companies related to the topic of VR. With this podcast, they to use their commentary to bridge the gap between news and established science. They break down complex topics, discuss the current trends and their economical impacts, and broadcast their views on VR.

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Meet Peter Burnett Editor Perdurabo
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"I know of nothing worth living for but usefulness, and service to other people. The only object I pursue is to increase, so far as lies in my power, the quantity of their knowledge and goodness and happiness. And as I desire everything from God, I hope the situation in which I am now placed is that in which I am most likely to be useful."
Psychogeography Featured Sites
Everyone starts at the Wikipedia page for Psychogeography.
The Ballardian
Most people wind up at The Ballardian website at some point.
The Monocular Times
You may do a good deal worse than The Monocular Times.
Institute for Psychogeographical Adventure
For the advanced perambulator, there is the Institute for Psychogeographical Adventure.
Classic Cafes
At some time or other, everybody pops in to Classic Cafes - C'est normal qu'elle le fasse.
The Broken Wheel Means That The Wiki Worketh Not
The Broken Wheel means that the wiki is not working. The state of the supplementer registry is now re-build at framework startup. This makes the supplementer registry work without starting the system with a clean configuration. The wheel will turn. Still need to investigate the bundle context problems...
Broken Wheel
In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all life presents as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation. The Society of the Spectacle maps out some aspects of the 21st century directly, not least, celebrity culture and its portrayal of lives whose freedom suggest almost the opposite of life as most of us actually live it.
The Situationist International's Journal
The journal includes contributions by Guy Debord, Mohamed Dahou, Raoul Vaneigem, Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, Maurice Wyckaert, Constant Constantine, Asger Jorn, Helmut Sturm, Théo Frey, Attila Kotanyi, Jørgen Nash, Uwe Lausen, Michèle Bernstein, Jan Stijbosch, Mustapha Khayati, Donald Nicholson-Smith, Alexander Trocchi, René Riesel, Jeppesen Victor Martin, René Viénet, and others. Internationale situationniste Edited by G.-E. Debord. Paris, 1958-1969. 12 Numbers. PDFs of the Situationists International's Journal may be viewed at UbuWeb.
Featured Sites
Archivo Situacionista Hispano
Textos de los grupos fundadores y otras influencias hasta 1957: cine presituacionista, documentos presituacionistas, Enragés y situacionistas en el movimiento de las ocupaciones, otros documentos:
Principia Dialectica
Why value is the problem and how the automaton subject – capital – devours all in its path.
The Stuationist International Archive
The Stuationist International Archive:
Stuationist International Online
Virtually every situationist text available in English: journals, books, tracts, essays, articles, manifestos, documents and correspondence:
The Stuationist
The Stuationist
The Broken Wheel Means That The Wiki Worketh Not
As they like to remind us: "De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis". Wisdom comes in fewer worse forms than Latin. The wisdom symbol will one day be in use on the Wiki. I recall the earliest slogan we had on wiki.peter: Mundus vult decipi - - the world wishes to be deceived.

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Thomas Bernhard Portal

Ignorant Thomas Bernhard.jpg

Our Thomas Bernhard portal examines the evil global education industry that has sprung up in recent years to profit from the works of sour Austrian hate-schrifter Thomas Bernhard.

Bernhard's work has been described as ‘the largest market opportunity’ since books was privatised. 'Let's all go forth. Let's all ruin everything,' as one publisher at a 2015 UK conference succintly put it.

We reveal the books leading the charge, the invisible networks of readers and think tanks working for Bernhard's evil ends across continents, the publishers aiding them, the messages being used to sell these changes, and more...

The Heretics

The Waverley Bar Edinburgh.jpg

Peter's The Heretics portal tracks the song, poetry, tale, people and gatherings behind the group known since 1970 for venting the poetry and music of Scotland's living tradition.

Within this portal is a Heretics scrapbook, just a resource really for anyone interested in Heretical Ecotostical Scots Kulturkampfists.

What To Do At This Wiki


The database contains distinctive and multitudinal collections of self-sourced material on Epic Volumes that users have enjoyed, the theory and practice of Psychogeography, the uses of MediaWiki, its markup and PHP hacking, and World Politics, which can not influence public opinion and the 'war on anything'.

This Wiki Redistributes through Semantic Wiki, where its information and user action and network action are inlcuded.

Most Recent Productivity

We can all watch a Film | The war against Psychogeography | Containment of MediaWiki | and relaxation with Death Grips

Film Noir and Normal Policy's Film Noir Centre of Excellence examines the cultural processes which led to the birth of film noir, which led to the birth of counter culture. It reveals the connections between the politics and filmmakers and their relationships with the media, scientists, viewers and politics.

We review current research and debates within the field. The role gender plays in the policy process of film criticism is also examined.

We also cover the

The Battle for Film Noir

The Crooked Way John Payne.jpeg

Well Considered Themes

  • If you’re Gun Crazy then you’re going to shoot your pistols. And if you shoot your pistols, then somebody is going to get hurt. Quasi-sociological accounts of how kids turn to crime are all the rage. Next they will tell us that it wasn't just a diversion, but a strategy.

Death Grips Wiki

Go To Category:Death Grips pages and I see London, I see France, I see Stefan's underpants.


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Virtual Reality Edinburgh


Jean-Luc Godard Gateway

Indeed, a gateway to the works of Jean-Luc Godard, which will be headed up with an introduction soon to be written in this space.

Infobandits Exhibit

The thing that may need the most work is the weird portmanteau word 'infobandit', which became all the more painful when the word's creator User:Sura annuonced that it had been coined to pun in German, in which language the internet is know as the Infobahn.

A recent rising in interest in the Infobandit has prompted this comprehensive section to tackle issues relating to Internet Privacy.

Free speech somersetbean.JPG

At the moment contributors are working on 379 articles. The most recent video promotion is this one:

Find Out More Through the Infobandits Privacy Portal

Keep URLs Cool

In theory, the domain name space owner owns the domain name space and therefore all URIs in it. Except insolvency, nothing prevents the domain name owner from keeping the name.

And in theory the URI space under your domain name is totally under your control, so you can make it as stable as you like. Pretty much the only good reason for a document to disappear from the Web is that the company which owned the domain name went out of business or can no longer afford to keep the server running.

Then why are there so many dangling links in the world?

Part of it is just lack of forethought. Here are some reasons you hear out there.