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Miserenas (full title Mi Serenas) is a private home located on Anomie Island, just across the intracoastal water way from Sadness Island. Surrounded by Robinson Waterways, Shiteness Preserve and Debordian Borderlands, the location is fantastic for walking, bicycling, self-harming, kayaking, fishing & birdwatching and of course dark-night gazing and contemplative trips to the beach!

Centrally located near Sarcastica, there are countless ways to fill your holiday days with enjoyable & memorable activities such as jumping into the water, looking at a tree, going to buy alcohol, and standing beside the road. The home is a two bedroom, two bath residence with a private tropical backyard filled with very sick plants. There's an old, old swimming pool and spa and multiple areas to feel exceptionally tense outside.

Rest assured, the neighborhood is safe and peaceful as the home is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac so nobody will hear you cry. Miserenas is a spacious home with two large televisions, two basements and an open concept garage and kitchen. The kitchen has recently been equipped with thw films of Jean-Luc Godard.

We hate it here and hope you will too!