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Other Aberdeen

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Other Aberdeen is an archived ('cobwebbed') psychogeographic project addressed at http://otheraberdeen.blogspot.co.uk/.

Instead of using the dérive to elaborate conclusions concerning the environment or self, Other Aberdeen asks questions of a troubled modern city, and answers them using psychogeographic tools.

Public Response

Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland is a notably conservative town, hence the colelction of response to the blog which are posted on its About Page.

David Milne
"Pretentious misery guts… What a lot of guff… Get real! … Pompous Twits"
Campbell Hayden
"What a pile of shite this blog is"
Fraser Lovie, University of Aberdeen Cultural Engagement Strategy Group
Morag McGee
"Ill-informed and Foolish... intellectual BS"
John 'Ruddy' Rutherford
"Making up shit as you go along."

"What a load of ill-informed rubbish" (Anonymous)

"With the anti-motor agenda thats apparent here, it's clear that a fair and fact based discussion is simply not possible." (Connor Milligan)

"These blogs don't help Aberdeen" (LM)

"I don’t know why you don’t just re-title your blog ‘Anti-Car Rant’, for that’s all it is in various disguises." (Nala)

"A naive over-paranoid idiot" (Anonymous)"

The way you pontificate … is simply nauseating" (Anonymous)

"Surely the author understands that trying too hard to appear profound can result in ones head disappearing up ones backside." (Danny Law)

"A bit too frothy mouthed for my liking… The excellent photography isn't enough to balance out the fanaticism." (neepheid)

"Immature and hostile baiting" (Iain)