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This website is transmitted via markup, CSS, SQL, PHP etc by Depression News to people on Earth and may contain material that is pictorial. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or any other use of any material contained could malform your day. If you received this website or any other death threats, copies of the "Celtic View", invitations to Thirty One Second meals, instructions to jump off the Forth Road Bridge, in error, please delete all the material and replace it with blank web pages, and contact the server provider immediately, heading for the hills as you do so, screaming out of the window of your Overlander.

Representing Depression News is Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, who makes the eponymously named SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER in his pouch, by mashing peanuts as he skips, a tactic which catalogue providers have found helps attract material to their websites, as they take all the money they can get from this lousy business in an effort to aggrandise their houses with new curtains.

Who would a Website Provider be? Let him give out pandas (see our special offer). The Congy Ben Catalogue is the term used to describe the catalogue. Members of the Congy Ben Catalogue Marketing Group are non existent, but if they did exist would be regulated by the Personal Catalogues Authority. This membership would not stop them from stuffing their faces with sandwiches at lunchtime. Members of the Congy Ben Catalogue Marketing Group, if they existed, would be fully registered to eat the following flavours : tuna, ham, swan, donkey, thistle, tulip, cheddar and any combination thereof, and they would also be fully entitles to