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Particulations is a Psychogeography and Cultural Theory Blog from the north of England.
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Particulations is an English psychogeographic and cultural theory website from Tina Richardson.

Since 2009 Richardson has been posting largely on northeren English settings, but also includes psychogeographical exploration in London and suburbs such as Milton Keynes, musings on cultural theory, policy and psychogeographic practice as in the article GWMs, Dead Psychogeographers and Funerary Enclaves from April 2013.


Particulations is written by Tina Richardson Leeds-based psychogeographer. Interests include or have at least in the past included, Guattari, capitalism, the postmodern university, urban space, urban aesthetics, psychogeography, the city, schizocartography, and the seaside.

Richardson is the inventor of schizocartography and is UK Eastern Grey Squirrel envoy.


Tina Richardson's academic work can be found at

Articles from Tina Richardson include:

A Schizocartography of a Redbrick

A Psychogeographical Guide to Hunstanton Promenade and

Psychogeography as an Educational and Creative Tool


Particluations is located at and hosted by Blogspot.