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Peter Burnett

Perdurabo is the username of the sysop of Wiki Normal Peter Burnett. There was a time, long ago, when Peter (who was then working as an author) was considered of such small note that he did not have a Wikipedia page. In fact, this golden age persists!

While watching his fellow textualists trimming, polishing and beautifying their Wikipedia entries, Peter (in his guise as Perdurabo) began to conceive of the fact that a Wikipedia entry was no use to him and that what he required was his very own Wiki.

Thus he uploaded Wiki Normal, sometimes known as Wikinormal, or WikiNormal, or simply

Normal Perdurabo

Wiki Dot Peter Burnett Dot Info is not a government, nor is its primary purpose to be a social or communitarian experiment. But many of the same problems arise whenever lots of people interact, some of them with strongly opposing views.

The procedural methods that have been used to solve these problems when running governments often must apply, with suitable variations, in Wiki Normal, and this only becomes more true as such a project becomes larger.

Some do not deal with particular situations as rapidly as a person might wish. Sometimes going through the process seems unlikely to give the result that a person desires. In all these cases, there is a temptation, sometimes a strong temptation, to act unilaterally, to simply "fix" the problem as one sees it. Often this is technically possible on Wiki Normal. Sometimes many people will support it.

The problem with yielding to this temptation is that it damages the overall structure of Wiki Normal. It throws sand in the gears of the project. When people see others acting outside of process, they may be convinced that they ought to do the same; or they may be convinced that their individual voices and views will get no respect or consideration.

If everyone acts outside of process, there is no process, no organization to our efforts. Then we do not have a collaborative project; we have chaos.