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  • Fife Psychogeography ‏ @Fifepsy Occasional despatches from the Fife Psychogeographical Collective. Wanderings in liminal space.
  • Psychogeography NYC Psychogeography NYC ‏ @psychogeography
  • Gareth Rees Gareth Rees ‏ @hackneymarshman
  • Conflux Festival ‏ @confluxfestival The annual NYC festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice.
  • Laura Oldfield Ford ‏ @LauraOF
  • Tim Waters Tim Waters ‏ @tim_waters Tim is an internationally recognized thought leader in the culturally significant field of made up profiles. In fact does: geo, maps, history, & psychogeography
  • David Southwell David Southwell ‏ @cultauthor Author of books. #psychogeography #writing #DoctorWho
  • Psychogeography etc psychogeography etc ‏ @theflaneur
  • psychogeography ‏ @psychogeogproj - “We ramble through the streets of Leicester, randomly, using only a map of the Spanish isle of Tenerife to guide us. This is our derive...”
  • Bryan Formhals Bryan Formhals ‏ @bryanf Photography psychogeography, information, physics, shadow dimensions, love, pepperoni & mushroom pizza. Founder @lpvmagazine Social Media Manager @bhphotovideo
  • Nick Courage ‏ @nickcourage Enthusiastic about @ekstromrachel, kickflips, psychogeography, transformative power of rock&roll. Ringer for @fsgbooks. Repped by @bookaliciouspam @forewordlit.
  • Tina Richardson ‏ @concretepost Psychogeographer and Cultural Theorist at the University of Leeds. Runs Leeds Psychogeography Group. Inventor of Schizocartography.
  • ALGS ‏ @liminalgeo
   The Applachian Liminal Geographic Society promotes research into liminal geography, psychogeography, deep topography, etc.

urbandata ‏ @urbandata

   Cross-Sector Urban Affairs: Progressive City Planning, Health Equity, Governance 2.0, Data & Community Indicators. Views my own. 

bldgblog ‏ @bldgblog

   Landscape, space, fiction, futures | Writing book on burglary and architecture for @FSGBooks (2014) | Incoming editor-in-chief of @Gizmodo (September 2013)

richard lafette ‏ @RichardLafette

   Ex-editor; UCL; Twitter ingenue; Gordon Riots, Gt Plague, Molly Houses etc. Likes: Poetry, cricket, nature, equality, frivolity, psychogeography.
  • Chris Guy ‏ @Gidsey Digital Director @fpcreative. When not moving pixels I love photography, psychogeography, walking, cycling, motorbikes and motorsport. Views here are my own.
  • SubMedina ‏ @SubMedina Migrant Laborer; Spatial Species; Officially Unverified (
  • jennifer dumpert ‏ @OneiroFer Founder of Oneironauticum; proprietress of Urban Dreamscape: psychogeography, cartography, and dreams Julia Wick Julia Wick ‏ @sherlyholmes
  • los angeles, narrative journalism, nostalgia, urbanism, social justice, information design, cartography. Contributing editor at @longreads
  • OpenStreetMap ‏ @openstreetmap OpenStreetMap is the free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.
  • David Parkes David Parkes ‏ @daveparkes
  • University Librarian& ICT Assoc Director, National Teaching Fellow, digital,tech, people, learning spaces,psychogeography, infolit - museum, post punk, walking
  • Followed by Fife Psychogeography
  • morag morag ‏ @thelrm loitering with intent to make manchester wonderful...psychogeography, maps, art, cake, community, derives & events exploring our city & reclaiming it for play - Followed by Stealinghome and 6 others
  • Alice Mrongovius Alice Mrongovius ‏ @AliceMrongovius
  • Artist and In-bound Marketer: Innovation, communication, art and psychogeographies. Six impossible things before breakfast.
   Londonist Londonist ‏ @Londonist
  • London news, London events, London features, London people
  • dpr-barcelona dpr-barcelona ‏ @dpr_barcelona
  • dpr-barcelona is an independent publishing house based in Barcelona, focused on architecture and city issues. Twitter managed by @cerreyes and @ethel_baraona
  • Heba Amin Heba Amin ‏ @hebaamin Egyptian artist and scholar on contemporary, new media art and technology, psychogeography and urbanism/architecture
  • Followed by Ramdom
  • Phil Legard Phil Legard ‏ @larkfall Lecturer, mystic, musician... Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, psychogeography, locative media and all that stuff. Followed by Sienna Latham and 12 others
  • vybarr vybarr ‏ @Psychojographer
  • Writing about lit., psychogeography & running. Lecturer in Victorian studies, Director of Grad Studies & Dir. of Ctr for Gender, Sex & Writing @UniKent.
  • Followed by Siân Lacey Taylder and 4 others
  • Psychogeography Psychogeography ‏ @psygeobristol Followed by FourFeetFilms and 1 other
  • Luther Blissett Luther Blissett ‏ @londonpsychogeo
  • London Psychogeography Brigade. Drifting to change the perception of our city. Walking the streets to detect temporal echoes. We say: WALK. EXPERIENCE. REMAP.
  • Followed by dakota boo and 21 others
  • Moneypenny Homes Moneypenny Homes ‏ @MoneypennyHomes
  • Disgraced fraudulent mayoral candidate Wolfgang Moneypenny turns to the free market to solve the transpontine #HousingCrisis. Pop-up flats at bargain 80% rents!
  • liminallondoner liminallondoner ‏ @liminallondoner
  • Imagist, walker, mesmerist, noisenik, extropian, eschatologist & former member of forgotten esoteric school, searching for evidence of a mythopoetic London
  • emma hammond emma hammond ‏ @eehammond
  • experimental poet & novice gardener/wizard. psychogeography, architecture, disco dancing- climbing trees & squeezing bees Followed by TheLondonSoundSurvey and 4 others
  • caroline caroline ‏ @iamcaroline
  • Node on the Aquarius Rising Rhizome | Artist | Queer | Buddhist | Feminist | basically good crone |

  • Harriet McDougall Harriet McDougall ‏ @hmmcdougall
  • Social designer and illustrator; all manner of fun with place-identity, psychogeogeaphy and cartography. Currently righting wrongs with @Futuregov.
  • benbasan benbasan ‏ @benbasan
  • diss. on urban & augmented space, pervasive computing, locative media, psychogeography, and (electronic) lit. @ uiowa. Avid vege gardener, food eater, & writer. Followed by montyreid and 7 others
  • Matt Barnes Matt Barnes ‏ @liminalcity
  • Berkshire based e-Learning designer, artist and psychogeographer documenting the inhabitants and geography of the liminal city. Followed by Helenography and 32 others
  • London Real London Real ‏ @LondonRealTV
  • Jonathan Wilkes Jonathan Wilkes ‏ @jonticleer conceptual engineer, programmer, cyclist, and cook. Interested in artificial intelligence, metaphysics, aesthetics, science & nature, and psychogeography.
  • Alex Chaucer Alex Chaucer ‏ @geoparadigm Father. Using tools to guide data-driven decisions, explore the creative side of mapping, and the future of learning. The georevolution will be tweeted - - - Followed by Geoawesomeness and 1 other
  • Valery Levacher Valery Levacher ‏ @WaldoKanto #Situ #NeoSitu #PostSitu #SituVasARio
  • John Eden John Eden ‏ @johnedenuk reggae / noise / hackney / fanzines / middle-aged revolutionary bitterness Followed by timburrows and 4 others
  • Peter Watts Peter Watts ‏ @peter_watts Hack for hire and London geek. Followed by Literary Interest and 4 others
  • RadicalMap RadicalMap ‏ @RadicalMap
  • Forthcoming book by @dpr_barcelona edited by @nadalex + Lize Mogel | The map is inherently political –and contributions wear their politics on their sleeves. Followed by Ted MacKinnon and 5 others

   sz_duras sz_duras ‏ @sz_duras
   engineering, difference, indifference, singularities, philosophy , text, atonality, multiplicities, texts,equivalence, Image is by Rodchenko of Osip Brik.......
   Followed by ★ Martin Black ★ and 2 others
   Matt Novak Matt Novak ‏ @paleofuture
   Writes about past visions of the future for @Gizmodo, married to the lovely @SamJagger
   James Cheshire James Cheshire ‏ @spatialanalysis
   Academic at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Interests in visualising and analysing population data. I like maps.
   Geography Collective Geography Collective ‏ @GeoCollective
   We're a team of guerrilla geographers and creators of @MissionExplore. Tweets by @DanRavenEllison. #Geography #GeoFollow #GuerrillaGeography #Explore
   Andrew Turner Andrew Turner ‏ @ajturner
   Neogeographer and CTO of Esri R&D Center DC. Co-Founder of CrisisCommons. Open-Source & Open-Data Advocate. Brewer, Trombonist, Idealistic Technocrat.
   Followed by Sterling Quinn and 1 other
   Ximena Ocampo Ximena Ocampo ‏ @xoaa
   City Designer and Planner @LSECities graduate Co-founder @Derive_Lab Psychogeography, design, alternative ways of living.
   Venus In Gore-Tex Venus In Gore-Tex ‏ @VenusInGoretex
   Psychogeography: the pleasure and the pain.
   Followed by Toby Ferris and 18 others
   geocommons geocommons ‏ @geocommons
   A community for anyone to share geographic data, maps and analysis. Powered by @geoiq!
   Anzir Boodoo Anzir Boodoo ‏ @anzrboo
   prospective polymath: planning, placemaking, pedestrians, public transport, public space, policy, psychology, psychogeography, Python, pretty things, play...
   Followed by Tina Richardson and 1 other
   Edward Alexander Edward Alexander ‏ @psygeo
   creative, critical, playful urban discovery using psychogeography / urban topography : edinburgh, glasgow and beyond
   Followed by Yolanda Crisp and 23 others
   Tim Wright Tim Wright ‏ @moongolfer
   digital writer/consultant for web, mobile, radio, TV, games. Maker of #transmediacompote and amateur moon mission leader. DON'T LEAVE SPACE TO THE PROFESSIONALS ‏ @flashwalk
   Building a psychogeography of our city, one walk at a time
   Cindy Frewen Cindy Frewen ‏ @Urbanverse
   architect, futurist, urban designer, rhetorician, adjunct prof and treehugger exploring urban futures, design futures, social change, among other things.
   Wilfried Hou Je Bek Wilfried Hou Je Bek ‏ @socialfiction
   Followed by John McNulty and 12 others
   Time Out London Time Out London ‏ Verified account @TimeOutLondon
   Finding the best of London culture, daily. For in-depth coverage of your favourite topic, follow one of our section accounts here: 
   OVRC Design Lab OVRC Design Lab ‏ @OVRCDesignLab
   R.M. Sánchez-Camus R.M. Sánchez-Camus ‏ @camusliveart
   Things that catch my eye: urbanism, nature, psychogeography, performance, circus, tattooing, street art, classic cars, suicide girls&boys, politics, activism
   Mondo Memphis Mondo Memphis ‏ @MondoMemphis
   A dual 450pg psychogeography of Memphis by Tav Falco & Erik Morse—a history of the gothic South & an intertext of urban legends, rural fables & literary clichés
   Bradley L Garrett Bradley L Garrett ‏ @Goblinmerchant
   Explorer, photographer, writer & experimental geographer at the University of Oxford. New book from Verso incoming 8 October 2013.
   Followed by Mauro Thon Giudici and 9 others
   FOUND Magazine FOUND Magazine ‏ @FOUNDmag
   Contribute to FOUND's annual Washington II Washington camping trip by August 7th! 
   Museum Nerd Museum Nerd ‏ @museumnerd
   Museums. Art. History. Art History. Education. Museology. Historiography. Logophilia. Punnery. I often post as I explore museum exhibits. I am a museum nerd.
   London Unfolded. A map-magazine of unusual experiences and journeys in the capital. ISSUE E hot off the press and available now!
   Followed by Tim Thomas and 7 others
   Jot Down Magazine Jot Down Magazine ‏ @JotDownSpain
   Contemporary Culture Magazine
   Jacqui Jacqui ‏ @jjacqqui
   Loves pianos, flutes, choirs, Paris, films, zines, surrealism, psychogeography, loitering. Interests #mentalhealth #parenting #music
   koray tokdemir koray tokdemir ‏ @koray_tokdemir
   you meet someone and you get a whole new city. #psychogeography #dérive
   Joseph Stannard Joseph Stannard ‏ @TheOuterChurch
   Magnum Innominandum. A random access myth. The clarion signals the opening of the portal. Remember to take a reading.
   Followed by Gary Budden and 3 others
   Hodder Geography Hodder Geography ‏ @HodderGeography
   Updates from Ruth Murphy, Commissioning Editor at Hodder Education, publisher of Geography resources for Schools. Visit Hodder Geography Nest.
   Dorian Cope Dorian Cope ‏ @OnThisDeity
   My radical history blog On This Deity: Commemorating Culture Heroes, Denouncing Tyrants & Excavating World Events. Utopian. Feminist. Anarchist. Revolutionist.
   Followed by Jon Bounds
   Culture Vulturess Culture Vulturess ‏ @culturevultures
   The Culture Vulture is a curated multi author Northern blog. Tweets from @PhilKirby (brutal) & Emma Bearman (softly softly)
   Erik Davis Erik Davis ‏ @erik_davis
   I write and lecture on consciousness culture: media, spirituality, subculture, phantasy, psychoactives—also host of Expanding Mind: 
   Followed by Psychedelic Frontier and 2 others
   Ken Levine Ken Levine ‏ Verified account @IGLevine
   I'm the creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games. Current Project: BioShock Infinite. Opinions here are mine only, except the stupid ones.
   Mancubist Mancubist ‏ @mancubist
   Mancubist is a website about Manchester. Recurring themes include culture, art, music, media and technology in the rainy city
   Eddie Procter Eddie Procter ‏ @Landscapism
   Old school landscapism, new school landscapism; whatever you've got. O what Land is the Land of Dreams? What are its Mountains & what are its Streams?
   Followed by Ian Vince and 23 others
   Rob Baker Rob Baker ‏ @robnitm
   Someone who writes about recent London history, from time to time.
   Cassandra Harrison Cassandra Harrison ‏ @ConnectinThread
   The Connecting Thread - a personal psychogeography Touring Exeter, Dudley, Newcastle upon Tyne and Nebraska Summer and Fall 2011
   Urban Subversion Urban Subversion ‏ @UrbanSubversion
   Passionate about acitivites that broaden our usage of urban functionality. All tweets by @olimould
   Followed by autonomeforme and 2 others
   The Map Room The Map Room ‏ @maproomblog
   The Map Room was a blog about maps by Jonathan Crowe (@mcwetboy) that ran from 2003 to 2011. I still post map links here.
   Anthony Townsend Anthony Townsend ‏ @anthonymobile
   Author of SMART CITIES - more info and pre-ordering at 
   Followed by AliciaROrtiz
   Geoloqi Geoloqi ‏ @geoloqi
   Platform and apps for location-based applications and real-world interaction. Now on iPhone and Android!
   Followed by What is GIS? and 1 other
   Paul Conneally - Cultural Forager - Artist Poet Musician
   Followed by Bill D and 13 others
   Zia Álmos Joshua X Zia Álmos Joshua X ‏ @ZiaAlmosJoshuaX
   Words/Onanism/Neurodiversity/Psychogeography/Fucking around/Dance/Cynical poses/Play
   Maximo Park Maximo Park ‏ Verified account @maximopark
   You can follow Paul @PaulSmithMusic Lukas @LukasMaximoPark Duncan @decadeinexile
   Jesse Rouse Jesse Rouse ‏ @kindaspatial
   Geography, geospatial, tech, archaeology...yup, that is about it for me.
   Followed by Karen Richardson and 1 other
   Lord Chris Remo Lord Chris Remo ‏ @chrisremo
   Writer on The Cave and web/community guy at Double Fine, composer on Gone Home, Captain Bubblenaut, and Thirty Flights of Loving, co-founder of Idle Thumbs.
   Nathaniel V. KELSO Nathaniel V. KELSO ‏ @kelsosCorner
   Map geek and cartographer. Formerly @stamen, @washingtonpost, @nationalgeographic. Check out ! Views my own, RT != +1.
   Geospatial News Geospatial News ‏ @geospatialnews
   Geospatial news, articles, events, and jobs relating to GIS, maps, cartography, and geography, from Caitlin Dempsey Morais, editor of GIS Lounge.
   subtopes subtopes ‏ @subtopes
   SUBTOPIA: A Field Guide to Military Urbanism [Spatial Politics // Counter-Geographies // Carceral Landscapes // Experimental Neuroentomology] (AKA @demilit)
   Followed by Tomas and 9 others
   TransmediaSF TransmediaSF ‏ @TransmediaSF
   We are a collective of SF Bay Area creatives and technologists who come together to educate, make and explore #transmedia storytelling. #transmediasf
   HDMA HDMA ‏ @handmaps
   Followed by Lynn Broughton and 1 other
   Ogle Earth Ogle Earth ‏ @ogleearth
   Notes on the political and scientific impact of digital maps and geospatial imagery, with a focus on Google Earth. By @stefangeens in Stockholm.
   Myth O'Geography Myth O'Geography ‏ @Mythogeography
   Remembering how to reinterpret our world by walking through it sideways
   Followed by Kotope and 24 others
   Hackney Gazette Hackney Gazette ‏ Verified account @hackneygazette
   More than 100 years serving the London borough of Hackney. If you have a story, call 0207 433 6242 or email
   Lines Of Landscape Lines Of Landscape ‏ @Lines_Landscape
   Interested in exploring notions of landscape. Side project:  My views represent no organisation.
   Followed by Fiona Lang and 35 others
   Kate Chapman Kate Chapman ‏ @wonderchook
   Acting Executive Director at @hotosm. I love #OpenStreetMap, teaching tech, #GeoGlitterDomination & chickens. I believe #opendata can save the world. World up!
   Mapping London Mapping London ‏ @MapLondon
   Highlighting the best of maps of London. Mapping people, places, data, things.
   N-YHistoricalSociety N-YHistoricalSociety ‏ @NYHistory
   Explore four centuries of history and art at the New-York Historical Society. Upcoming exhibitions: AIDS in New York, Swing Time: Reginald Marsh and '30s NYC.
   Big Map Blog Big Map Blog ‏ @BigMapBlog
   Huge, beautiful, historic maps every weekday; all free to download in high-res. From STL's 59king.
   Followed by Gary Hayden and 1 other
   IanVisits IanVisits ‏ @ianvisits
   London based Writer and Photographer. Occasional wearer of a bright pink hard hat on building sites.
   Geoff Marshall Geoff Marshall ‏ @geofftech
   Produces, edits and directs videos. Finds geocaches, performs improv, rides the tube, runs parkruns, drinks much tea, loves London. Developer of @stnmasterapp
   Richard Littler Richard Littler ‏ @richard_littler
   Writer, graphic artist & mayor of #Scarfolk: One of 'The 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet' - GQ Magazine. For more information please reread.
   River Crane River Crane ‏ @River_Crane1
   It's a long story but well worth listening in to. I am a tributary to the River Thames and travel all the way from Hillingdon to Isleworth. Also a (minor) God.
   blprnt blprnt ‏ @blprnt
   Jer Thorp is a software artist, writer, and educator living in Brooklyn. He is a co-founder of The Office for Creative Research & adjunct professor at ITP.
   brandon sheffield brandon sheffield ‏ @necrosofty
   Necrosoft Games director, ex GDmag/Gamasutra, Kuno Interactive creative strategist, GDC Advisor,  / oakland for life.
   Lost Rivers Lost Rivers ‏ @lostriversdoc
   The past, present, and future of the world's lost urban rivers. A cross-platform documentary from Catbird Films (Montreal).
   Followed by River Crane and 9 others
   Emma Jackson Emma Jackson ‏ @EmmakJackson
   Research Fellow in Urban Studies @GlasgowUni. Sociologist working on class, cities, homelessness, mobilities, space/place. Likes a matinee.
   Benjamin Wiederkehr Benjamin Wiederkehr ‏ @datavis
   Editor of the premier news and knowledge resource for data visualization and infographics.
   Geocaching Geocaching ‏ @GoGeocaching
   Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.
   Gary Budden Gary Budden ‏ @gary_budden
   Writer, editor at @influxpress. Prose editor and events @ambitmagazine. Punk rock listener and RSPB member.
   Dan Hill Dan Hill ‏ @cityofsound
   Designer. CEO of Fabrica. &c. Author of Dark Matter & Trojan Horses (Strelka Press), amongst other things
   Followed by lucy a jones and 1 other
   Grant Rodiek Grant Rodiek ‏ @HerrohGrant
   Owner of a stumpy corgi. Designer of Farmageddon, Battle for York & Blockade board games. Obsessed with food & NPR. Check out my design blog!
   Bill D Bill D ‏ @Dystopia2009
   See also @Plot49 and @Pynchoninpublic (RT ≠ Agreement) Bitcoin donations: 1F8C2Se5y6JB44yz1DsC2oqBo7PFqD
   Whitechapel Gallery Whitechapel Gallery ‏ @_TheWhitechapel
   The artists’ Gallery for everyone for over a century
   The Small Press Expo The Small Press Expo ‏ @SPXcomics
   America's Finest Independent Comics & Cartooning Festival! September 14-15, 2013 in Bethesda, MD. 
   Psychcomm Psychcomm ‏ @psychcomm
   Drift Technicians and purveyors of Dystopian Folk
   Followed by phill harding and 21 others
   dave meslin dave meslin ‏ @meslin
   I'm a Toronto-based community choreographer. Areas of interest: Public space, bikes, creative activism, transpartisan advocacy and democratic renewal.
   SALT SALT ‏ @saltpublishing
   Multi-award-winning independent literary publisher, serving readers since 1999. Obsessive about quality. Serious about writing. We love books. Support us today.
   Rhizomatic1 Rhizomatic1 ‏ @Rhizomatic1
   Extension of conciousness into machinery like the extension of propreoception into the wheels of your vehicle (especially bicycle)
   Followed by Discovering London and 17 others
   Lee Jackson Lee Jackson ‏ @VictorianLondon
   The outpourings of Lee Jackson, Victorian enthusiast, failed librarian, novelist, idiot pauper, working on a book for Yale University Press. No, really.
   Will Self Will Self ‏ @wself
   Novelist, Journalist
   Followed by John Boxall and 4 others
   Insert Coin Insert Coin ‏ @InsertCoinTees
  • Stylish designer clothing and accessories for gamers - all inspired by the people, businesses and places of the gaming world. Alex Alex ‏ @Potentia_Space
   Lecturer, writer, experimental geographer. Stumbling around the creative possibilities of art, politics, and geography. Tweets are in a personal capacity.
   Followed by richard lafette and 9 others
   Buddy the (S)elf Buddy the (S)elf ‏ @willself
   Novelist and ninth Doctor. Unreal. See also: @wself
   The Pop-Up City The Pop-Up City ‏ @popupcity
   Ideas that shape the city of the future. Currently on show: #cityofthefuture — an exhibition curated by The Pop-Up City at @Museon, The Hague.
   Followed by Kayleigh Creighton and 1 other
   space™ hijackers™ space™ hijackers™ ‏ @spacehijackers
   Middle class art school wankers.
   Followed by Spitalfields Life and 1 other
   Dr Simon Sellars Dr Simon Sellars ‏ @ballardian
   Senior Social Media Analyst, @RMIT University. Co-editor, Extreme Metaphors: Interviews with JG Ballard. My views, etc. Social media strategy: @social_frenzy.
   Owen Hatherley Owen Hatherley ‏ @owenhatherley
   Writer, Topographer, Marxist of some sort 
   martin howse martin howse ‏ @micro_research
   site of execution
   Damien Hirst Damien Hirst ‏ @hirstdamien
   I'm Damien Hirst. An unknown SLOVENIAN Artist doing art by doing art and therefore undoing art. Not to be confused with the British artist Damien Hirst.
   The Geography Trip The Geography Trip ‏ @geographytrip
   A label dedicated to the weird vortices of the British countryside and beyond. Don't forget your cagoule.
   diamond geezer diamond geezer ‏ @diamondgeezer
   East End blogger bloke
   Rob Young Rob Young ‏ @polyalbion
   Writer, editor, pylon fancier. Author of Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music. Read me in The Wire, Uncut, Sight & Sound, etc.
   geographile geographile ‏ @geographile
   I mostly retweet geography-related news and chat about geography.
   Spitalfields Life Spitalfields Life ‏ @thegentleauthor
   In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside Brick Lane in the East End of London
   Andrew Orford ªº Andrew Orford ªº ‏ @orford
   futurologist psychogeographer actualizer
   Followed by LondonSE4 and 17 others
   Bryan Alexander Bryan Alexander ‏ @BryanAlexander
   Researcher, speaker, consultant, teacher, writer. Author of THE NEW DIGITAL STORYTELLING.
   Amy Kraft Amy Kraft ‏ @mediamacaroni
   Maker and fan of kids' media, GeekMom, and freelance producer, game designer, & writer
   yvonnebambrick yvonnebambrick ‏ @yvonnebambrick
   Coordinator of ForestHillVillage BIA. Photographer. Urban Cycling Consultant now writing the 'Urban Cycling Handbook'. (was) Founding ED @ cycletoronto
   kyle cassidy kyle cassidy ‏ @kylecassidy
   Author, photographer, designer - it's on my web page. Latest book: War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces, out now.
   Matthew Blackett Matthew Blackett ‏ @matthewblackett
   Publisher/founder of Spacing mag. I care about: urban design, city politics, transit, bikes, walking, maps & Leafs. But mostly Carly. email:
   urbex urbex ‏ @urbexnl
   European Urban Exploration: Forgotten & Abandoned
   brian rosa brian rosa ‏ @brianrosa
   urbanist | geographer | artist
   cinchel cinchel ‏ @cinchel
   waiting around for rejection #noiselife #coffeeuberalles
   HistoryLondon HistoryLondon ‏ @HistoryLondon
   Transmitting gobbets of London's past...
   Fernando Sdrigotti Fernando Sdrigotti ‏ @f_sd
   writer - escritor | editor: @MinorLits | et cetera
   Caught by the River Caught by the River ‏ @tweetbytheriver
   News updates, competitions and thoughts from Caught By The River
   Charlotte Frost Charlotte Frost ‏ @charlottefrost
   Over-educated/over-dressed! Assistant Prof. Contemporary & digital art histories. Projects: Arts Future Book.hasharthistory.PhD2Published.AcWriMo
   Abandoned Scotland Abandoned Scotland ‏ @AbandonedSco
   Exploring the abandoned, forgotten and rarely seen places of Scotland.
   Sealand Sealand ‏ @SealandGov
   The worlds smallest independent state! Established on a wartime fortress in 1966.
  • Daniel Hewitt Daniel Hewitt ‏ @brutus_beton Photographer of architecture, construction, and psychogeography Followed by James O'Leary and 4 others
  • Paul Talling Paul Talling ‏ @derelict_london
  • Author of London's Lost Rivers & Derelict London books. Photographer, webmaster & tourguide
  • OCCULTER OCCULTER ‏ @occulter001
  • OCCULTER is a creative consortium and exchange project in New York City.
  • V. Cadaverini V. Cadaverini ‏ @East_
  • Gunny Slayer. Beta tester w/ SCEE. Photos: @EastShoots Videos: @EastGames Was: @Eastie_ Typical fairytale witch. The night is dark & full of terrors
  • Esoteric London Esoteric London ‏ @esotericlondon Esoteric London is an attempt to draw connections between London now and London then, illuminating the correspondences between the city’s past and present.
  • Alastair Cook Alastair Cook ‏ @alastaircook Arts director, photographer, filmmaker.
  • Adam C-F Adam C-F ‏ @AdamCF
  • Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't. - Pete Seeger
  • Demographics Pro Demographics Pro ‏ @DemographicsPro
  • Demographics Pro gives you deep insight into the consumers who follow your Twitter accounts, tweet about your brands, and influence your Twitter campaigns...
  • Transpontine Transpontine ‏ @Transpontine SE London news, history, music
  • bollards bollards ‏ @bollardoflondon we come in various shapes and sizes and are found on pavements throughout the capital...or throughout the globe via #guestbollards
  • Jim Lawrence Jim Lawrence ‏ @dzhimbo The eyes of Peter Hitchens, the lips of Nadine Dorries
  • Priscilla Rodriguez Priscilla Rodriguez ‏ @centralsiberia Protected account strange places. psychogeography. photography. bradbury. cinematography.
  • David Rogers David Rogers ‏ @davidErogers Dad, Husband, Assistant Headteacher @PatchamHigh, Runner, Mission:Explorer, Adventurer, Author, Pedagogic Trouble Maker, Geek. These are my own views
  • Sarah Horrocks‏ @mercurialblonde Cartoonist
  • Grail-seeker Grail-seeker ‏ @grailseeker
  • the map is not the territory - - - 20th Century Society 20th Century Society ‏ @20thCenturySoc - - - Campaigning for Twentieth century architecture + Followed by ARK Community Group and 3 others
  • Emily Brand Emily Brand ‏ @EJBrand Historian, Writer, Editor, Genealogist. Consumer of pecan pies & drinker of wine. History of Love Blog:

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