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Also see Widgets

There are a number of extensions which promise to allow more HTML flexibility, while improving the security situation. Some require setting $wgRawHtml=true in conjunction with using the extension, while others offer an alternative.

  • Extension:Secure HTML – adds "secret key" protection for html sections.
  • Extension:AddHTML – allows HTML on protected pages only
  • Extension:SecureHTML – allows HTML on protected pages only + namespace controls
  • Extension:NamespaceHTML - allows HTML in specific namespaces
  • Extension:HTMLets – allows pre-defined HTML snippets with $wgRawHtml=false
  • Extension:Widgets – allows HTML and Smarty PHP templates, ostensibly in the form of "widgets", but it can do nearly anything else too.

Another way get custom HTML appearing within your wiki articles is to develop your own tag extension. Do not be tempted to develop an extension which allows arbitrary HTML, otherwise the same serious security issues apply as with setting $wgRawHtml=true.