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Robinson R. Roley

Wow, what a bitter, over-the-top rant you just gave me. Wow. Big words, complete sentences, big confused ideas, swearing, referencing to Facebook and constant repetition of the idea that neo-liberalism was to blame for everything, while you, with your insults, categorising adjectives and repetition of the words 'racist' and 'sexist' fail as you always do, to look at yourself!

Again, this is you: deep philosophical questioning combined with incoherent sputtering rage and vague yet meaningful concepts. Good luck. May I compliment your brain on its forthright engagement with one of the most difficult dilemmas of the human condition? Of course I may. And I just did. You are tackling nothing but your own opinion of yourself, and not even addressing me, you know that?


Here, man, your brain is engaging in human-bashing. It's an ever-popular sport, particularly among those who have forgottne the symbolic value of the items around them. If there is one thing on which people generally agree - underneath it all - it's that they don't like each other, and you are no exception. That's whay you call me these name!

There is an all-the-time-present subterranean universal stream of longing to destroy among all members of our species and that includes you, and even though you have your enemies (Racists! Bankers! Capitalists!) you have no idea who or where they are and think that if you just shout about them, and rant, we will all listen. Sorely disappointing to you is the human race, and repeatedly so. There is a reason for this.

What is happening at the moment is that your Universal Human Longing for Goodness module is pitching a fit? It does that sometimes. And we need to deal with this before we get philosophical and solve all the problems of humanity at once. What is happening to you, poor friend?

Why the need to berate me?