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Stealing Fire from Leamington Books

Stealing Fire by Craig Sterling is a thriller published by Leamington Books Ltd in May 2011.

Someone has stolen the designs for the world's most advanced missile, and only one man can stop them - but he's too busy smoking, drinking and eating pizza.

Meet failed Royal Marine commando turned arms dealer, Andy Harris, and his drunken boss, Bob Stone.

They're on their way to do some business at the Paris Air Show when they get bad news from Africa

Soon they're mixed up in a nightmare that threatens mass destruction and death for millions...

"Stealing Fire is a book that does exactly what you'd want it to do. It's pacy, exciting, and above all, it grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Get hold of a copy and see what I mean."


"Stealing Fire satisfies all the requirements of good story-telling. It is at once a gripping yarn and a thought-provoking expose of the murky world of international arms dealing... terrific."

Stephen Thompson, Author of Toy Soldiers

Buy Stealing Fire Online

Stealing Fire by Craig Sterling - - there are copies left from the Leamington Books website £4 plus £2 postage and packaging.



The Stealing Fire promo film from Leamington Books in 2011 is back up on YouTube - so please enjoy this marvellous short advertisement:

Illegal Downloads

Having said that, there is no reason to just copy my book as a publisher, and Craig's book as a writer, and have it available for DOWNLOAD.

As publisher I'd apologise to Craig Sterling. I don't remember releasing any text files of the novel, which means that if they weren't stolen, they were created from image files, which is a lot more work. I know you would never have released the files, Craig, but I must also say that I haven't followed any of those links (yet!) so I don't know what lies beyond them.

I wouldn't recommend you follow them, or that anyone else should. I am linking them from this site for illustrative and educational purposes.

This link is safe and shows the <a href="">Illegal Download Options For Stealing Fire</a>.

This link is even more safe as it shows <a href="">the Wordpress page put up to advertise the illegal downloads of Stealing Fire</a>.

Wordpress is incredibly good at spamming because so many legit people use it, that the search engines can barely keep up with telling the difference.