System Blower

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Gotta let a mark know who he’s fuckin’ wit and similarly ruthlessly skin a chump just for kicks

Fuck that's why this sounds so familiar, I didn't know it was actually vancouver, just thought it was a generic subway train! YEAH WE CAME TO BLOW YO SISTA - I swear to god I actually thought he said that the first time I heard the song. It's in this interview here LIKE HER that Zach says that the sample came from like was it the Skytrain in Vancouver or the Venus Williams tennis ball.

Zach Hill: Thanks, we don't want to make anything that supports indifference. We always talk about the middle of the road, and how it's the worst place to be artistically.

Zach Hill: This group has been an exercise in whittling away all outside things and focusing my energies. This is it; I'm not doing anything else for the time being. I've been playing in the Boredoms for the last four years and they're one of my favorite bands in the world. But I'm even taking a hiatus from that. They understand. We recorded the first Hella record when I was like 20 years old, you know? I had just dropped out of high school and it was all exciting and great. I'm proud of those records, and I get a connection by physically performing it, but that's not the music I listen to. The music I'm making with Death Grips is way more along the lines of what I would listen to than anything I've ever made.

Pitchfork: The mix on this record makes it sound like everything's collapsing in on itself constantly. How did you make some of these sounds?

ZH: Our processes are crazy. We'll set out to achieve a certain sound, but set it up to fail, and then rebuild the track out of that failure. For example, in the song "System Blower", there's this part that goes, "WA-WA-WA-WA-WA," and the drop is the sound of Venus Williams screaming when she hits a tennis ball. It was in a video we found on YouTube. The only things we sampled were things like that, things from everyday life. We all carry around camcorders; we'll record sounds with digital cameras and use those sounds on our records, with a real disregard for sound quality. We'll build something around something that's just fucked-- like, you just shouldn't use it. But there's a majestic quality to that rawness. When people talk about how our music is like rap music, but punk, I think they're talking about our use of instrumentation like that.


Yeah we came to blow your system
You know what I’m sayin’

Kill it or die
Braggin’ about how you
Had it all dialed
When your shit is
How I’m comin’, why I’m slingin’
Where I’m from and what I’m bringin’
Tell your cousins best stop sleepin’

Kill it or die

Here at death grips we strive to give you 100% satisfaction with our product if you however are not satisfied fuck yourself, choke yourself.

Listening to this, like, my sides just vibrated higher.

Thenthe second song on fashion week, RUNWAY E, blew my friend's 400 dollar speakers and made it catch fire, it was cool

Rest of the Lyrics


Cuz I’m bustin’ for no reason at random murder
Killing season
But no one heard me
Cold blood creepin’
Full tilt swervin’
Through your bleedin’
System burnin’ to its knees and
Beggin’ for mercy while I’m leanin’

Hard ta da left
And clockin’ a grips in da death pockets of da head knock rhythm
System blower system over
Yeah we came to blow your system
You know what I’m sayin’
Kill it or die
Braggin’ about how you
Had it all dialed

Well what’s up now

When your shit is
Stupid dopefiend beat low hung blood spray all over
Da death stomp drums
Scum worshipping
Speaker ripping
Punk weight holding heretics

Boundary reapin’
Frequency freakin’
Out till we’re like that track sound so sick
System blower system over
Got heads jumpin’ out their skin
Talkin ‘bout common
Death grip me again
No need to wonder if
It’s gonna crack
Hell no you can bet
We’re fit ta burn the
House to da ground

Soon as the sound gets checked
System blower system over

Yeah we came to blow your system
You know what I’m sayin’
Kill it or die

Braggin’ about how you
Had it all dialed
Well what’s up now
When your shit is
System blower system over

Yeah trick go fetch my whip
Gotta let a mark know
Who he’s fuckin’ wit
Ruthlessly skin a chump
Just for kicks
Cant fuck wit dis
Sadomaso-kiss my fist
Suck my dick, it’s not cool
I’m too sick, what time is it

System blower, system over
Deep in da klink base
Cut straight to da chase
Like a triple shot of 180 proof
Kill-o-watts riots audio violence
Breaks your windows and
Takes all da loot

System blower, system over
Silver coin on your eyes

Forever closed
Raise the dead

How long I been tired of that old
Can’t nod my head
shit is over

System blower.
System blower

Songwriters: Zachary Hill / Stefan Burnett / Andrew Morin
System Blower lyrics © Warp Music Limited

Frequency Freakin'

There is more of the explanation about what this song is about or at least a context into which you may place a certain component of it at the YouTube webpage for Skytrain & Canada Line in Action - Feb. 12th, 2012.

Skyrain is the fastest form of urban transport within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. There are three lines - the Expo Line: opened in stages between 1985 and 1993 - the Millenium Line: opened in 2002 - and the Canada Line: opened in 2009.

A new extension of the Millennium Line opened in circa 2016. In this video. Two different types of train are in use on the Expo/Millennium Lines - the Mk1s introduced in 1985, the Mk2s in white introduced in 2002, and the MK2s in black introduced in 2009.