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These are photos of the crew and cast of T2 Trainspotting at work in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh in summer of 2016, shooting a scene from the movie involving the humourously-titled fake Chinese carry-out restaurant, The Harvest Loon.


'Story' is a fancy name for what used to be called 'plot'. But it goes like this:

After twenty years of low quality but highly paid acting work, Mark Renton returns home to Edinburgh where Daniel "Spud" Murphy struggles with his . . .

addiction and its legacy, which impacts on his long-suffering partner Gail and their son Fergus. Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson continues to live a life of crime and dodgy-dealing, working as landlord of a pub in Leith called Port Sunshine bequeathed to him by his aunt, while pursuing a sideline in blackmail and growing cannabis plants in the basement. Francis "Franco" Begbie is serving a 25-year prison sentence and has just been denied parole due to his violent temper. After visiting his father and stopping by his old bedroom, Mark goes to visit Spud at his flat, finding him in a desperate condition; Spud is trying to commit suicide by taping a plastic bag around his head in an attempt at self-asphyxiation. Mark breaks the door down and saves Spud, who initially does not welcome the intervention, but Mark wants to help him out of his heroin addiction and to reconcile with Simon, who remains angry with Mark for betraying them (though according to Mark, Simon would have done the same).

Mark visits Simon at Port Sunshine. Though initially Simon greets Mark warmly, inquiring about his life in Amsterdam, the meeting soon develops into a full-scale fight, with both using weapons such as beer glasses and pool cues on the other. Mark has a vision of a girl holding his head while lying unconscious on the pool table, and wakes up to find Simon taking cocaine. Mark gives Simon a package containing £4000, Simon's share of the drug deal proceeds that Mark stole 20 years earlier. Begbie purposefully hospitalises himself and subsequently escapes, taking advantage of the low security. He briefly reunites with his wife and son, and visits Simon. Simon feigns friendship with Mark as his ulterior motive, pretending to collaborate with Begbie, who is still out for revenge against Mark. Mark takes Spud running up Arthur's Seat, and while looking over Edinburgh explains to Spud that he is an addict, but that he just needs to swap his drug addiction for something else, such as exercise.

Mark decides to stay in Edinburgh and visits Simon at his flat in Leith, where he explains that while he is married, the marriage is ending and Mark would only be returning to Amsterdam to move his stuff out of the flat he shares with his wife, who owns it. Mark also explains that three months prior, he suffered a heart condition which caused him to undergo an operation to insert a stent. Simon, Mark and Simon's 'partner' Veronika travel to Glasgow, and enter a packed Orange Lodge, where they pick the pockets of the assembled clientele, stealing every bank card they find. However, the landlord refuses to let them leave without singing a song, and Mark and Simon (singing and playing piano respectively), make up a song featuring the Battle Of The Boyne in 1690, every verse ending with the line, "there were no more Catholics left!". The three head back to Edinburgh, and assuming that the year of the battle will be the PIN of each of the bank cards, steal money from every account they can access. Simon and Mark also make a presentation at the Scottish Parliament building in an effort to secure European development funds to establish a leisure club upstairs at Simon's pub, to be run by the mystery girl from Mark's pool-table vision, who turns out to be Simon's "girlfriend", Veronika, who was also involved in Sick Boy's blackmailing schemes.

While on the run, Begbie begins burgling houses, taking along his son Frank Jr, who he sees as a chip off the old block, while Frank Jr's aspirations lie in attending college. Begbie sells his stolen goods to his old friend Mikey Forrester, who is now a successful "businessman". While in Forrester's warehouse, Begbie opens a fridge to find bags containing thousands of Viagra tablets, and boxes of the same. He takes some of the tablets and goes to a nightclub. While in the toilets, Begbie and Renton accidentally meet but Renton escapes, by jumping on the roof of a car leaving a parking garage and riding it into the street, where he falls off and runs off.

Begbie then visits Spud to find out where Mark is hiding, and discovers that Spud (who is working for Simon, renovating the top floor of Port Sunshine which is to be used as Veronika's "leisure club") is writing down pages of reminiscences of events from years prior featuring Mark, Simon and the others. Veronika coincidentally visits Spud at the same time. Using Veronika’s mobile phone, Begbie deceives both Simon and Mark, texting both independently and requesting they meet at Simon's pub. Veronika and Spud, using Spud’s forgery skills which he discovered whilst in jail, move the funding money to Veronika’s bank account. Veronika asks Spud to go away with her. Spud refuses. Veronika offers Spud half of the money, and Spud refuses this, saying that he is a junkie and would only spend it on drugs, and instead bequeaths it to Gail and Fergus. Simon and Mark meet at the specified time just as Spud arrives to warn them of Begbie’s trap. Before they can escape, Begbie arrives and a fight breaks out, knocking Simon unconscious and chasing Mark upstairs, where he reveals that he once murdered a man whilst thinking about Mark and his betrayal 20 years earlier, explaining his prison sentence. Mark escapes into the roof space, Begbie follows and pushes him off, resulting in Mark getting his neck caught in cables, and he begins choking to death as Begbie watches. Simon and Spud both save Mark after attacking Begbie, who then pulls out a shotgun and prepares to shoot Mark and Simon, but Spud knocks him unconscious with a toilet bowl.

Mark, Simon and Spud, finally fed up with Begbie, deposit him back to the doors of the prison in a car boot. Veronika keeps the money she stole off Simon and Mark, returning to Bulgaria to reunite with her son. Spud begins a new career as a writer, and his writings form the basis of a book. Mark reconciles his friendship with Simon and moves back into his parent’s home, embracing his father before going into his bedroom and playing "Lust for Life" on his record player.