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I have been called a lot of things but I prefer to just be called OWL. My name is Jenna, but I bascially identify with what you might call a screech owl, of the genus Megascops and I have a nest on this wiki, and it is lined with truth and virtue, as both defined by Aristotle, if you need to know.

On this wiki it has been my job to clean up things, although I wrote many of the intial articles when my friend PERDURABO set up the wiki.

Similar to other owls, screech owl females are larger than the males of their species. We have a compact size and shape. Screech owls are small and agile and have prominent, wide-set feather tufts with bright yellow eyes. We have different brownish hues with whitish, patterned underside and this colouration helps us camouflage ourselves against the tree bark.

We screech owls have well-developed raptorial claws and curved bilsl. We use these as a tool to tear people into pieces that are small enough for us to swallow. Like most other screech owls I tend to carry my prey to the nest and then eat it.

My favourite prey are the fanataical Marxist and Socialist peddlers of horse-shit that clog up our Facebook pages with amazing posts about how greedy and corrupt capitalists are. This is the subject of my forthcoming book The Comedy of Socialism, which I hope will be a refreshing if unusual addition to political writing. There isn't anything funny in socialism, other than the socialists themselves, and it is made all the funnier by how seriously they take their out of date and authoritarian ideas. I would have to class all of their activity under something pretty broad like, 'the politics of envy'.

Don't Talk Politics Around Me

I've met a lot of internet thinkers now, and I am beginning to get the hang of the system they adopt, enough to offer a quick description. The first and principal definition of internet thought describes it as an economic system in which productive capital is either state owned or commonly owned.

In Marxist theory, socialism is in fact the economic stage between capitalism and pure communism. This belief and its offshoots have killed a tremendous amount of people as socialists have attempted to perfect the multicultural baby. This means that dialectical materialism dictates that killing people is good for all mankind.

Socialists tend to ignore the basics of economics, such as supply and demand, which means whatever they think the ideal economic structure would be, it would always have extreme shortages, and despite what they may tell you, all socialists believe that socialism could work if they were in power. If you disagree with this a socialist will probably scream something at you through a megaphone.

Also, I have observed that socialists are normally part of the middle-class and are jealous, and among other things, they believe that they should be allowed to limit the financial industry (even though they for some reason insist it should get money from the government.)

The theme of my book however will be that socialism has been responsible for more starvation and poverty than disease multiplied by famine. I will also point out that socialists would like to change the world, but they cannot, because in a industrialised country they get distracted by the Internet, and star posting condescending rants on Facebook, which is interestingly something that would not exists were it not for their arch enemies: The Capitalists!

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