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Teufelshose = 'Devil Pants'

Perdurabo lives in Scotland. There, the leadership of the country offered a reward for anybody that could build a wiki to explain the maladies that had overcome the country's artists and writers. Perdurabo killed a fly and talked to the writers that came to eat the corpse. They said that the last time they had had such a feast was when they had been awarded grant monies. They told Perdurabo that they were frightened of the big, bloody knife that cut their livlihoods.

And the king tossed it aside to calm the child. It had hit a tree and injured a hamadryad, who cursed the prince with the sickness. The hamadryad told Perdurabo that the world would be healed if the knife was taken out of the trunk of the tree and boiled, then the people should drink the rusty water that resulted. Perdurabo followed her directions and, as payment for the cure, demanded two thirds of the kingdom for himself, and one third for his brother, Accidie. The king agreed.

In another version of Perdurabo's story, when the writers of Scotland were driven mad by the Festival Crowds, in the reign of MacDiarmid or possibly Welsh, Perdurabo was brought in to cure them, but demanded a Greggs' Season Ticket as payment. The government of Scotland refused, but the writers became wilder than ever, and the government was forced to seek out Perdurabo again, who this time demanded favours for himself. The government of Scotland felt it had no choice but to agree, and so Perdurabo led the writers to his wiki, where they were healed of their madness in the sanctuary of dreams.

Perdurabo's reputation as a magician has alreday spawned myths that verge on anecdote, and to account for his gift, the offering of lies has been widespread. In one story, as a young boy, Perdurabo told his parents not to take him to the park. Grateful, his parents gave Perdurabo the ability to speak with everybody whom approached him.