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When one makes an appeal to what is commonly known, one says "one does not do such a thing"; When one sits in a car or bus or reads a newspaper, one is participating in the world of 'the They'. This is a feature of 'the They' as it functions in society, an authority that has no particular source. In a non-moral sense Heidegger contrasts "the authentic self" ("my owned self") with "the they self" ("my un-owned self").

A related concept to this is that of the apophantic assertion. Resoluteness German: Entschlossenheit). Resoluteness refers to one's ability to "unclose" one's framework of intelligibility (i.e., to make sense of one's words and actions in terms of one's life as a whole), and the ability to be receptive to the "call of conscience."

Do I Have a Motto?

Yes I do. It is:


What I mean by ‘freedom’ in is somewhat mysterious: while the notion crops up repeatedly in my language, there is no dedicated section of life or language which accurately relates to it and the concept is repeatedly connected to a new and opaque idea, that of the ‘choice to choose oneself’. Yet the specificity of my AMAZING approach to freedom becomes apparent when I am compared to other people of the same period, in particular the people that live in my city, the people of The Internet, and most clearly of all, the people of Facebook, of whom I am six.

Although there are some differences between me and these people, the definition of freedom which can be found within my own actions identifies freesom with ‘existence’ or ‘transcendence'. My own ek-static opening onto the world is my freedom, and thus being in the world must also be primordially bound up with or derived from the basic feature of my interaction with the existence of others.

My transcendence and freedom are identical! Freedom provides itself with intrinsic possibility: a version of myself that is, as free, necessarily in itself transcending, and transcending towards the clouds, wherein I drop to earth, with a splat.

Always Forget Who They Are