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We Got WikiEditor. Uh, editor's got that crazy shit we keep it crunked up, John Blaze'd and shit what makes fake, fake, fake wikis!

And Here's Why

The WikiEditor extension provides an improved interface for editing wikitext.

It is the editing interface that Wiki Normal currently uses.

It includes an extendable framework with a set of feature-based modules, each of which can be selectively enabled or disabled, aiming to improve the user experience of editing in different ways.

In case of dire emergency, and the failure of the editor, Most Of The Information Required Is Here.


Toolbar Module

The WikiEditor.

A toolbar visible on editing pages which replaces the stock toolbar.

See the toolbar icons.



A toolbar is a series of groups, each with a series of tools, rendered in the writing direction of the content language, with visible dividers between groups.

Supported Tool Types

  • Button - an icon which can be clicked
  • Select - a drop-down list which can be selected from

A booklet is a series of named pages which can be viewed one at a time and navigated through using an index list widget.

Supported Page Types

  • Table - a grid of columns and rows
  • Characters - a series of rectangular buttons containing text values


Each tool has an action which is executed when the tool is used.

The most commonly used action is encapsulate, which operates on the currently selected text, prepending text, appending text and in the case that no text was selected inserting text at the cursor.

The encapsulate action takes three parameters, pre, peri and post, which can either be raw text or message keys.

Raw Text



pre preMsg

Text to place before the cursor/selection

peri periMsg

Text to place at the cursor if there is no selection

post postMsg

Text to place after the cursor/selection/peri text

Labs Modules

Part of the WikiEditor extension were a number of alpha quality modules.

These alpha modules are now deprecated and are being removed.

The modules are: highlighter, toc, templates and template editor.

You should not be using them.

See also

  • [[<tvar|toolbar-cust>Special:MyLanguage/Extension:WikiEditor/Toolbar customization</>|Toolbar customization]]
  • [[<tvar|lib-cust>Special:MyLanguage/Extension:WikiEditor/Toolbar customization/Library</>|Toolbar customization library]]
  • [[<tvar|custom-edit>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Custom edit buttons#Extension:WikiEditor</>|Custom edit buttons]]
  • RefToolbar 2.0, on-wiki JavaScript that adds a Cite template tools to WikiEditor's UI.