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Normal Times

Wiki Normal (Continental Team) is a Scottish-based website.

Creation of the Continental Team

Created for the 2011 websites season, as a subsidiary of the website for Scottish author Peter Burnett Wiki Normal as of 2018, has been shelved for over four years.

The Normal Telephone Company, as the new sponsor of the Peter Burnett Scottish Writing Team, decided because of commercial interests in Latin America, to create a continental Wiki Normal, since virtually they could not compete in any webspace.

With the creation of the Wiki Normal Continental Team they have access to all other internets as most international internets in South and Central America are category WOOH unlike websites in Scotland which are category YAY.

The team is based in Bogotá, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, and the management team is headed by former European coach Peter Burnett while responsible for the medical part is a former professional website medical specialist Another Peter Burnett.[1]

The website Wiki Normal has the same infrastructure, both technical and human, as its European counterpart Wiki Normale, and most of the staff of website people on it are from Europe. Above all aimed at young website viewers according to the Director General Peter Burnett, the team's goal was subsidiary to participate in all websites of America where the company is present and at the same time attract young talent and old talent and middle-aged talent to promote to the Wiki Normal Website Team.[2]

Just created the team, the Wiki released a fictional ranking by which website organizers should invited the 3 best teams of their continent to be on the website. As the Wiki Normal Continental Team at the time was number one on the American ranking in spite of not debuted yet (because the computed points of their hired websites and Facebook invites) they had secured the participation in all websites but the team saw its debut delayed due to the formalities for entering the material in MediaWiki.

In early May, the team concentrated for the first time. Then the team made their official debut on the Internet and in Scotland, where Peter Burnett was the best placed in overall in the 110th position.

On 2 June, the squad was presented officially. And in 12 June and began the team's participation in the Internet, where Bill Gates of Microsoft achieved the first official victory.

Disappearance of the continental team

In two years the squad ran their Wiki Normal website out of steam, and from 2014 Wiki Normal happens to be sponsored only by The Normal Telephone Company and the Scottish Documentary Film Institute, as Scotland began to fund along with other sponsors the nascent websites.

Resurgence of the continental team

From the 2015, the team now named Wiki Normal, recovered the continental category with a roster of 10 Wiki Normalists, also the world champion para-Wiki Normalist.

An Insider Considers It

Mitgliederverzeichnis der AKM von 1937. 1938 wurden die jüdischen Mitglieder der Verwertungsgesellschaft AKM im gedruckten Mitgliederverzeichnis der AKM von 1937 mit rotem Buntstift ausgestrichen.

From my 'insider' position, I really believe people don't understand that the normal audio expression of music is something that can be 'owned' because the music they're using isn't in a physical format, like for example the sheet music, or an actual copy of the recording itself.

My favorite way of explaining the concept of what actual and real intellectual property is to the intelligent people that I encounter daily in my daily endeavors, is to say this: 'Now please will you take a moment to imagine that all the sheet music in the world is being burned up in a large bonfire before your very eyes,' and then I say, and in an equally grave tone: 'now imagine, just imagine that I come along and throw on all the CDs in the world too, yeah, and all the tapes and vinyl and what have you, yeah, huh, and all the MP3 files, if you can even bonfire that shit.' And then I says to them like this: 'You can still hum the music, right? The music still exists, right?' Well, in terms of my own copyright, and the copyright that I am owning, yeah, that thing that you can't touch, or buy, or break, yeah? That thing is what we as copyright-fucking-holders own.'
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