Wyndham Lewis

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Wyndham Lewis in Hell.jpg

Wyndham Lewis enjoyed nothing more than pouring scorn on the taste of polite society. It was enormously hard work for him, but he toiled at it, through penury, illness and intense unhappiness.

Lewis maintained feuds for most of his life and often seemed to have taken the 'wrong side' in any argument. He is one of the great undiscovered heroes of the alt-right, which is just as well, and for this reason he should be left as undiscovered as possible, and for as long as possible.

If the alt-right, in the late 20-teens, had known about Lewis, they would have been all over him in fact. However, Lewis was alrready conveniently forgotten-of by then. Lewis also spent time in Canad, which has always been the home of the much feared alt-right's little sister, the partially-palatable right of Molyneux, Southern and Peterson.