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The Poetry and Music of Scotland's Living Tradition

The Heretics are an event based Scottish poetry and song group, founded in 1970 by Stuart MacGregor and Willie Neil.

Category Notes

This is the category page for the Scottish poetry and song group The Heretics. Categorised in this division are members of the group The Heretics; compositions and prose and poetry work by members of the group The Heretics; and other such ephemera as relates to Scottish poetry and song group The Heretics.


In August 2015, to mark the 45th anniversary of the founding of the group, three events were held at The Saltire Society headquarters in Edinburgh. The first of these events featured original members of the 1970 group; the second event marked the fallen Heretics who have since died; and the third event introduced a new group of latter-day Heretics, those who weer invited by the original grouping to continue the work of The Heretics.[1]
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