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There is no name for this, or technical term for these page participants, so we call them page tablets.

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Welcome to the Wiki
Consult the Wikipedia Psychogeography Page. Quoting Karl Marx Debord says: 'Citation Needed'. Using the outer space of our cities and urban wastes, Psychogeography can map our inner space and to create different thematic maps of our condition. It's about exploring depth to get lost, to divest oneself of alienation. is a fully featured office suite. OpenOffice contains a word processor, presentation software, a databas, a spreadsheet program, and a graphics program. there is no charge for using and the software m,ay be downloaded from
Featured Sites
Site One
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Site Two
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Site Three
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Site Four
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Les Sentiers de l'Utopie
Le blog du livre-film d'Isabelle Fremeaux et John Jordan:
The Broken Wheel Means That The Wiki Worketh Not
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