Zen and the Art of Presence

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by Andrew Archibald

zen and the art of presence by andrew archibald

Zen and the Art of Presence is an illustrated book for use with your PC or Mac, considering ideas of daily importance from a Zen Buddhist viewpoint.

This is a CD Rom product for use with your computer, and not an ebook, as it contains animations, and so it is not availbale for download and only comes on physical CD.

This is not a book, and it's not an interactive PC experience - it's just what it is - itself!

Zen and the Art of Presence is a series of essays each accompanied by an image. It's not Zen Buddhism but something much more present and exact, and easier to grasp. It is in fact an attempt to grasp the ineffable without jargon or intrusions of any kind.

Zen and the Art of Presence looks at our immediate experience, and what religions have to say about this.

And this, Zen and the Art of Presence argues - is nothing but THIS!