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Central Long Desire

This is the famous Central Long Desire markup so-called because of its position, which is central oin the computer screen, and the time it took to attain. That is it took a long time for me to work out this actual item of mark-up, hence it was desired for a long time!

<center>{{#widget:YouTube|height=315|width=560|id=z5EXNfHYPfQ|Death Grips}}</center>

To use this mark-up, just copy it and paste it in with your own parameters, which are the YouTube video ID (in this case z5EXNfHYPfQ) and your own height and width measurments in pixels, as well as any metadata, which is the last part, in this case 'Death Grips'.

Normal Wikinormal

This is so-called "NORMAL WIKINORMAL" markup.

{{ -> #widget:YouTube|height=215|width=300|id=uqcTVVUFnKQ|Death Grips <- }}

Standard Strip

This is the standard strip markup:

{{ -> #widget:YouTube|height=68|width=1095|id=cXhJVevR9Yw|Wikinormal < - }}

'Prows' Video Markup

PROWS video mark-up is so-called beacsue it first featured in this 'Prows O' Reekie' video. In order to deliver search results, the owners of the Internet, Google, crawls the web and collects information about each piece of content.

Often the best results are online videos and Google wants to help users find the most useful videos.

Every day, millions of people find videos on Google search and we want them to be able to find your relevant video content on this wiki, so good luck with that and don't post anything that might be considered not entirely awkward in political bias.

If you are feeling particularly mental, you can add markup directly to the HTML of your video page.

The markup will not be visible to users and will not affect how your page looks. When the Ye Olde Search Engine Kent As Google crawls your page, they'll use this information to supress or index your video. While only a few properties are required, providing additional information helps Ye Olde Search Engine Kent As Google understand your video and enhance its appearance in search results.

All that kinda stuff should be second nature to yous all now!

'Grips' Video Markup