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Laura Oldfield Ford already has a perfectly ample Wikipedia page here, authored by User:Arms & Hearts. That leaves this page free to publish tendetious comments, misinformation, outlandish praise, criticsm and possibly outright lies.

In brief the Wikipedia page states something like Laura Oldfield Ford (born 1973) is a United Kingdom artist and psychogeography|psychogeographer. Her photorealist work, in ballpoint pen, acrylic paint and aerosol paint, is politically-motivated and focuses on British urban areas. Oldfield Ford publishes a blog titled Savage Messiah,which was also the name of a zine published from 2005 to 2009.

One would have to agree with that, what with that being Wikipedia.


A Drift With Laura Oldfield Ford, this is the SHORT version.
A Drift With Laura Oldfield Ford, The New Art Gallery Walsall - THE LONG version.