Joseph Ridgwell

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Author of Burrito Deluxe

No English bookman holds the unique position of Ridgwell, and 'les femmes bibliophiles' of Scotland have been few and undistinguished compared with not only himself but also those of his manor. London Books, it appears, and its imitators, as a rule, publishes only the books of the most fiendish quality, giving them distinction by the handsome liveries which they made them don. Our most notable literati have more often been of this type, and though precursors Celine and Bernhard in the twentieth century cannot, even when their forces are joined, stand up against this impressive catalogue, in Ridgwell, Jago, Blumenfield, Kersh, Knight, Haynes and Curtis (and the list might be doubled without much relaxation of the standard), we have a succession of literato to whom it would be difficult to produce even historic counterparts.