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So Like

So like this is one of the ones where Death Grips samples Death Grips. The sample "it's death grips (echo,echo,echo,echo)" was used on their first release, or the "EP", ken. But you can only hear the grips part clearly in the song Next Grips.

Next Grips and Full Moon are rumored to be one of the first songs they ever recorded when they first ever recorded, during the times when they were first ever recording, Full Moon officially being the song they recorded as soon as they decided to make stuff together day one. he came to me with money in his hand, he offered me, I didn't ask him.

So the way I see it, this whole shit is like a throwback and an overall "catch phrase".

This riff was also my ringtone for years till people told me to FUCK OFF WITH THAT.

Then I changed it to The Fever (Aye Aye)

Perdurabo (talk) 03:54, 22 September 2017 (MDT)

Video Experience

Kill IT Like You Hate IT

(I say kill it like ya
You say hate it
Kill it like ya hate it
Kill it like ya hate it
I say arrrgghh you say can't take it
I can't take it I can't take it)
Fuck you starin' at, didn't know I'd be so quick ta flash,
Terrified by da way a bassilisk come out him skin so fast
Not the first won't be the last
Barrel of my gun down the hatch 187 deep throat chokin' eat dis fourty-four magnum dic
Murder the bar raiser, inverted cross fader, ash lung blastin bum rush balls to da wall
Bitch slayer
Rainin' blood, burnin' paper
A Jackson's catchin' vapors
Fuck this cage
I'll thrash you later
Step to me wit dat bullshit
Like I don't know
What you're doin
Talkin' fast lookin' shady
You can't fade me keep it movin
Hopes that
Mo cash will help you cope
Sorry ta tell ya but it won't
How do I get out then? you dont
Can't keep this locked down
Fuck that
Watch me now, fit da crush that
Hit it once knock it down and I'm done can't
Stop this break out get it come back underground railroad
Gunclaps ta sound
Of sirens screamin
Count on it I'm leavin
Yeah I got that man fa show but tell em why you had ta get em though
(Get 'em)
'Cause the beat bangs, 'cause we came
Ta flip da oz out
Your sleep train
When the smoke clears
Who remains
This right here, why we claim
Outtanowhere, for keeps game
Don't go there
This tha real thing
(Get 'em)
Bord the plane
They're watchin' me
Bullshit stains
What they want from me
Fuck that man, my philosophy
Don't take a goddamn thing
Voice in my head
Kill everything
Startin' wit dis asshole
Right next to me
Get 'em, get 'em, 'cause I had to get 'em though

Songwriters: Zachary Hill / Stefan Burnett / Andrew Morin
The Cage lyrics © Warp Music Limited

Bullshit Stains

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